Conferences and workshops (to be rescheduled due to pandemic)
  • 2020 Conference   (postponed to 2021 due to pandemic)

    NS-Ideology in Medicine and the Life Sciences (major focus 2020)

    Language of violence – language of euphemisms

    NS-Ideology in economics, business, and legislation

    NS-Ideology in ministries

    Call for Papers


    2021 Conference

    Sciences and Humanities

    Armed Forces – Germany and the “Axis”

    Regime’s leaders, celebrities and popular culture


    2022 Conference

    NS-Ideology and Volk – Ideengeschichte of Antisemitism, Ostforschung, Westforschung, Volkstumsforschung (in Germany, South Tirol, Slovenia, etc., Völkische Ideology, etc.)

    Ideology of Organisations 1933-1945 (SS, SA, NSKK, Reichskulturkammer, Freundeskreis Reichsführer-SS, Ahnenerbe, Reichsverband der Automobilindustrie, Reichsärztekammer, etc.)